Director of Volunteering

My passion lies in solving food accessibility issues. When I heard about the Food Pantry at Iowa from a fellow student, I knew I wanted to be able to help in anyway possible. I had worked with volunteers in other settings (as an intern for HACAP in Cedar Rapids and an intern for Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa), so it was a natural fit that I would be the starting block of staffing a fully-functional pantry at the University that I had called home for 3 (almost 4!) years. Being the Volunteer Coordinator has been an amazing experience. We started with two interest emails from students who wanted to volunteer and have very quickly worked ourselves up to 12 fully-staffed open hours with monthly special events. 

I also work part-time as a Student Administrative Assistant for the Honors Program here at Iowa. Any other time I have is spent working on my thesis that works to change attitudes towards public breastfeeding embarrassment and freedom of a breastfeeding mother. In my free-time I enjoy running, seeing my boyfriend Thomas in Augustana, camping, hiking, watching sitcoms, and hanging out with my amazing friends and family. My dream job would be working to change large-scale policies affecting food accessibility and obesity issues in America.