We value all our volunteers and they play a key role in keeping our Food Pantry up and running! 

 Volunteer duties on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays include:

  • Answering walk-in inquiries
  • Assisting clients with filling out our intake form, updating our online database as you get completed forms
  • Assisting clients with check-out, weighing items and updating our online database
  • Helping load, unload, and sort Table to Table items (Monday Only)

Volunteer duties on Fridays include:

  • Counting items in the food pantry and helping us maintain and inventory sheet
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the pantry by cleaning our sink, vacuuming, wiping off tables, dusting, taking boxes down to recycling, etc.
  • Helping sort food salvage
  • Chalking walkways/boards and hanging up posters
  • Making promotional materials

Check out the several ways you can help out  the Food Pantry at Iowa!

Please email studorg-foodpantry@uiowa.ed for details about each of the ways you can volunteer with the Food Pantry at Iowa.